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Since the late 1960's, Harris Environmental has specialized in providing close tolerance control temperature and humidity environmental rooms supplied to our clients as a turnkey system. Complete “single source responsibility” of all aspects of each room including the room structure, mechanical systems, and controls are provided for every project. Life Science research, Drug Discovery, Pharmaceutical R & D, pilot plant production, or full biopharmaceutical manufacturing all require specific environmental rooms for product development, stability testing, and production. At Harris, we provide many walk-in cold rooms, freezers and incubators, but we also specialize in modular dry rooms, D/H series custom dehumidification systems, clean rooms, cycling chambers, and archival storage vaults.

Environmental Rooms from Harris Environmental Systems Environmental Rooms
Environmental rooms by Harris Environmental are designed to control temperature and humidity levels at very close tolerance control levels based on the requirements of each specific application. (more...)
Archival Dry Room Archival Storage Vaults
By maintaining stable levels of temperature, humidity, and eliminating oxidants caused from off-gasing, the Harris archival storage vault will insure that materials are preserved for an indefinite time period. (more...)
Clean Rooms Clean Rooms
Turnkey clean rooms provided by Harris Environmental Systems represents the most customized application we provide. (more...)
Dry Rooms from Harris Environmental Systems Dry Rooms
Harris dry rooms provide advanced design features to achieve low dewpoint control for your moisture sensitive material processing. (more...)
H.E.S.T. Stress Testing Chamber Stress Screening Chambers
Stress screening chambers, also known as Cycling Chambers, are provided by Harris to assist you in your quality assurance programs. (more...)
Harris Service Division Service Division
We employ factory trained, EPA certified technicians. All Harris field service technicians have gone through extensive technical training for refrigeration, electrical and controls systems. (more...)