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Archival Storage Vaults

Archival Storage VaultsPhotographic film, paper records, and books that must be permanently preserved because of historical or commercial value require critical control of those elements which can result in physical or chemical degradation over time.

By maintaining stable levels of temperature, humidity, and eliminating oxidants caused from material off-gasing, the Harris archival storage vault will insure that materials are properly maintained and preserved for an indefinite time period.

Whether your materials are primarily color film maintained at extremely low temperature, or black and white film maintained at 60º, 40% RH or mixed materials maintained at 50ºF, 30% RH, Harris can provide the optimal turnkey archival vault to meet your needs and insure that your archival materials are properly stored in the conditions necessary.

Join the ranks of prestigious institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum, J. Paul Getty Library, Time-Warner and others by obtaining an archival vault from Harris.

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